Genesee Theater
Waukegan, Illinois

Project Type:Historic Renovation
Architect: Construction Realty
Construction Management: Construction Realty
Construction Cost: $13,626,860

After sitting vacant for twelve years, the Genesee Theatre began its multi-million dollar renovation as part of the City of Waukegan's downtown renovation project. Every care was taken in this restoration to ensure the integrity of this great venue. All materials in the facility are exact replicas including, the original wallpaper, and paint coloring. Many of the original plaster moldings, wooden railings and light fixtures were preserved and restored. The new marquee is an exact replica of the one which graced the Genesee in 1927.

The Genesee is 115,000 sq. ft. has expansive lobbies and lounges. The stage size was doubled and the balcony was expanded to increase seating capacity, making the Genesee Theatre one of the largest facilities of its kind in the region. A one-of-a-kind, 18 foot, Baccarat crystal chandelier was added to the grand lobby to ensure the theater's splendor. CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE VERSION
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